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August 19 2017

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August 18 2017

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pan Pakalu mnie rozumie.
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August 15 2017

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John Berkey

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A Midnight Walk Through the Neon-Hued Streets of Asian Cities by Marcus Wendt 

While on a recent trip through Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Seoul, London-based photographer Marcus Wendt found himself suffering from a bout of jetlag induced insomnia and ended up wandering the streets of several cities late at night. With a camera in-hand he captured these mesmerising shots that channel the cyberpunk vibe of movies like Bladerunner where narrow urban alleys are bathed in cool ultraviolet light. Over several days Wendt worked his way through the Kowloon area of Hong Kong and then Shenzhen’s Huaqiangbei area known for its sprawling electronics market, before eventually traveling to Seoul.

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August 14 2017

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nobrashfestivity: Unknown, Waves, Kojima Island 1890, Library of Congress

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- Wytrzymasz - powiedział. - Nawet wyobrażenia nie masz, ile można wytrzymać.
— Marek Hłasko, "Opowiadania"
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